Asking questions

Stupid questions aren't a myth. They do exist and they aren't even rare. I'm pretty sure it's more likely you get asked a stupid question than you get hit by a car.

There are stupid questions

So what qualifies as a stupid question? A question:

  • to which you can deduce the answer yourself by applying logic.
  • outside of the area of expertise of the person you are asking.
  • for a well-known fact.
  • so broad you already know it will have a sophisticated answer.
  • that you've already asked, but forgot the answer to.

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Our outdated time system

Time is a strange thing. It is derived from the position of Earth relative to the Sun. Among other time definitions we have a minute that is 60 seconds, we have an hour that is 60 minutes and a day that is 24 hours. For the longer measurements we have weeks, months, years, etc.

It sounds all very obvious. There are three problems with our current time system though. The first problem is that it is stitched together with tie wraps and duct tape. The second is that it isn't universal. The last problem (and the most important one) is that your clock is wrong 99.99884% of the time. I'll explain that later.

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Complaining about money

Yesterday I was waiting at the register at my local supermarket. There was this woman in front of me. I estimate she was 65-70 years old. She unloaded her cart and waited until the girl behind the counter was done scanning. The total amount summed up to about 71 euro.

On that news the lady freaked out. She said she had only 70 euro. The girl behind the counter offered to keep the groceries separated so the lady could get the money. Instead, she started digging through her groceries to find something she could leave. It seemed to be a hard choice, because it took ages.

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