After a couple of years I finally decided to start blogging again. This new website is the place to do it. The subjects of the posts will not only about tech stuff. It will be about anything really, whatever comes to mind.

Initial blog sketch

The picture shows a sketch of how I had it in mind when I began. The right side is currently empty. That side will remain empty until I have a bit more posts. Then the older posts will be listed there. Clearly I am not a designer, so forgive me if it isn't photoshopped enough for you. To be honest, this is the best I can do without messing it up completely. I think it is acceptable for now.

Some other technical details about this site:

  • There is no JavaScript (apart from Google Analytics).
  • There are no cookies (apart from Google Analytics).
  • The code is HTML5.
  • The CSS is generated using Grunt / LESS and uses Twitter bootstrap.
  • The site is built using CakePHP.
  • The code highlighting is done with Pygments.

About the colors. I like pink. I'm not gay, I'm European. Deal with it. The site has a dark theme, because there is a lot of space. That would just mess up your eyes and burn your face. Is a tanning monitor a good idea? Probably not.

No feature for comments is built in, because that requires moderation and anti spam measures. I am too lazy for that. If you want to contact me, just tweet (@Phally) me.

Enjoy the site.